About Us!

The Connie Crystal Family Story: In the Beginning - Let There Be Sparkle!

It was 2005, and the creator of the very first sun-catcher, Hamdy Tawfick, came across a supplier of crystal products while traveling overseas to visit his family. He was immediately intrigued and quite mesmerized by the sparkle of the crystal. Having no idea what to do with it, he ended up buying a few boxes to take home.

Back at home in New Jersey, Hamdy wasted no time opening all the boxes on the living room floor and started playing with different pieces using some fishing line from his tackle box. After a few minutes of fiddling around with some designs he looked up at his wife, Connie, holding his creation and asked what she thought. She looked at it and asked, "what is it?".

"What is it?"

He replied back that it was a sun-catcher and they could maybe sell it. Long behold.....

The Original Sun-Catcher!

Next day, Hamdy walked into a local variety store right after finishing work doing cable installation. Wearing his work boots, dusty jeans, and a clean t-shirt to look somewhat representable, he asked the manager if he wanted to buy some crystal sun-catchers. The manager looked at him reluctantly and said that he would try them and take 10 pieces on consignment. During the 15 minute ride home, Hamdy received a phone call from the manager saying they sold EVERYTHING and wanted to buy 50 more the very next day! 

One style wouldn't be enough! 

That very night Connie jumps in and starts putting her crafting skills and keen eye for design to work. With over 30 years experience of being a hairdresser, and having a passion for designing and sewing her own dresses that she learned from her mother, Connie starts creating more styles. At that moment, the torch was passed to Connie and she became the official designer of their newly created business


Eventually Connie starts having so much fun with the crystal that she starts creating one-off projects such as her famous crystal boot and life-size scrap paper dress.

Our Mission

Connie's designs are always a major hit at crafting trade shows, such as CHA, and others all over the country. Seeing the reactions from her designs and how her work has inspired other people to create some amazing things too, the mission of Connie Crystal shifted from being more than just a supplier of sun-catchers to a supplier of inspiration and crystal to make crafting ideas sparkle! 

Giving Back

Growing up in a household of 7 kids, Connie's mother would work at home as a seamstress to earn extra money for the family while Connie's father was out working two jobs. She remembered how helpful it was for the family's income to have her mother work from home, but most importantly, that her mother was home for her and her siblings. Remembering this and knowing some stay-at-home mothers in the area, Connie started asking if they would like to work from home putting together and packaging the sun-catchers. One thing led to another, Connie had created a little community of mothers who are given the freedom to work from home just as Connie's mother did when she was a child. Today, Connie Crystal employs multiple stay-at-home mothers, and depending on each family's needs, provides a flexible schedule to make working from home possible.

Connie Crystal Family

Connie Crystal is a family owned and operated business. Along with Connie and Hamdy at the helm, are their three children, Chris, Hany, and Jasmine. Together, the Connie Crystal family has been able to work together to get the family business to where it is today. 

Our Mission

Today, Connie Crystal is the #1 source of crystal sun-catchers in the world! Having sold over 1.5 million pieces since 2005!

Here's our mission:

Our mission is to add sparkle to people's days- one sun-catcher at a time.