Yes it is! What makes the crystal sparkle is the lead oxide (PbO) content in the glass. For a glass piece to be considered crystal, it must contain a minimum of 24% PbO. Our crystal contains 30% PbO. 

Simple! Mix and match sun-catchers and save based off of the quantity you buy. You can also mix and match most pendants (with no chain) to save as well. Sun-catchers can only be mixed with other styles of sun-catchers to get the discount, as well as pendants with other styles of pendants. Prices will be adjusted in the cart. There is no quantity discount for 

Sure! Our crystal has a PbO content of 30%, which is much higher than inexpensive pieces you'll find from many other suppliers, including pieces made in China. You'll feel the weight is heavier, the light refracts better, and the clear color does not yellow over time. All facets and holes are laser cut with no cloudiness or inclusions in the pieces. Finding the right brand of crystal is very similar to shopping for the right diamond. If you're looking for the best value around, look no further! 

Design your own jewelry, refurbish crystal lighting fixtures, create your own décor, embellish craft projects, or use them to make party venues sparkle. The possibilities are endless!

If you have any questions about design, fee free to email us at

All of our sun-catchers are made within the U.S. We hire stay-at- home mothers who can only work from home to assemble the sun-catchers and help with packaging. There aren't many jobs that give the flexibility that stay-at-home moms need. We're doing our best to help with that!

We have access to other styles and sizes that aren't listed on our site. Give us a call or email us at and we'll help you locate what you need. No problem, just send us an email with a picture of the item to and we'll send you a new piece.

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Getting set up takes 1 business day. 

We ship out of New Jersey. 

Our default shipping method is USPS Priority Mail. We do also send via UPS depending on the weight, travel time, and distance. 

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